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  • An Incomplete Poem For Brief Synopsis Of New Currency in Architecture

    Has the poor become so unbearable that the haves don't want them around anymore? Sure, there is a tiny percentage of low-income units required in the permitting process, but not even close to dodge housing crisis and provide something for the thousands spread around the city living in cardboard boxes, and now, in tents. Semi-homeless living in extended stay hotels.

    Then, the heads barely under a roof working class residents with low paying jobs.

    As we go up gradually, we have, young professional class driving up the market for the real estate industry of agents, loan specialists, with built in and profit driven socio-cultural terminologies like house flippers, lifestyle factor, wall to wall glass,  etc.

    Urban design went what Dwelldesign did for stylish homes and produced crass developments, cities went thriving and boosted, went gentrified, went art districts, etc.

    Architecture went phenomenological as if it was not before, renderings went shiny and everything, then it went back to basic and not shiny again. Then there were, 10 best, 15 best, best best and stuff without stopping. The innovation, design leading, and design thinking went convenience mall style, etc.

    Digital drawings made curvy things including kitchen cabinetry while hand drawing became manhood in a boxy world.

    A lot of panel discussions on who votes for whom and for which job opportunity. And not much else. New theories in old regimes, all the same. No changes other than the new printed items and those really don’t matter.

  • Istanbul Community Market Ideas Competition: Honorable Mention

    At the end of June this year myself and team of architects gathered in Woodbury University's WUHO space and worked on a competition project for ten continuous days producing the work for Istanbul Community Market Ideas Competition hosted by Ctrl+Space. We are pleased to share with Archinect...

  • Gropius and Breuer’s Martini Signals

    Based on a true story from Ise Gropius herself in 1980.It was a long day towards the end of the summer at the Graduate School of Design. 1940 was a tough year. The horrific war was well underway and the news from Europe wasn’t so good. Though, none of this would impact Walter as much and if it...

  • MAX

    We are now entering MAX, it stands for Maximum Analog XIR. Whatever it is to you, it means the whole world to the occupant. In it, all conceptions of minimalist bourgeoisie stop. The longer you are superconscious, as a clean liner, and primping yourself, XIR aka MAX the maximum analog, is adding...

  • Nature Everywhere Part II

    If you are questioning what is so personal about these images and what a poor way to observe the nature, read on (some images are from Mars.)Since my birth, living mostly and if not all in urban centers I became accustomed to detect and appreciate their nature. Sure, there are exceptionally...

  • Nature Everywhere

    My doctor told me I should walk more often since I am not a sports person other than occasionally betting on European soccer games. He told me to walk exercise as much as possible and enjoy the nature. I was pleasantly surprised when I start to walk every day and be with the nature that surround...

  • Learning From Michael Asher

    Haus Lange installation, 1982 (photo from the exhibition catalog)LEARNING FROM MICHAEL ASHERMichael Asher's, the artist, died almost two years ago in October 2012. When he was alive his work was mostly unknown to architects except somebody like Frank Gehry who was his good friend. In the art...

  • This Your Father's License

    THIS IS YOUR FATHER'S LICENSEArchitects are highly intelligent people. They are the members of a noble profession who in dictionaries referred as master builders.They are taught and talk a specialized language, they have skills to design and visualize three dimensionally, and intern long years to...


    SHENZHEN I am sympathetic to Shenzhen from its occupation. A port city like the one I grew up in. I feel like I know its tricks, talents and aura, even if I am wrong. I don't know Shenzhen that much face to face, I know something in her DNA, which makes me more relaxed about exploring it. ...

  • On the Job; Words, Images and impressions from the Shenzhen Biennale

    Some of the familiar biennale exhibitions were handled by a second venue near Shenzhen Shekou Port Ferry Terminal named “Border Warehouse”. There were some panel discussions on visible and invisible borders socially, physically, locally and economically. This subject was developed by...

  • A Brief Introduction to Shenzhen Biennale

    I am sleepless and I can't get used to the idea that I am in Shenzhen, China. I might as well be in Las Vegas hotel room with a gold leaf framed watercolor print hanging on the wall and a laptop with a spotty internet access. This is my first time in China with a mission to attend and journal the...

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