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    SoftCore-HardForm //////// Project Bio

    Due to their resilience while threatened by a blizzard, students successfully designed, fabricated, and constructed a seven-person sweat lodge over the course of three-and-a-half days. As students constructed the lodge on a mountain of snow, nasty weather didn’t slow down the fast-paced, all-hands-in collaborative design and construction process. The project focused on the design, fabrication, and construction of a sweat lodge using stainless steel and cedar planks on a 300 acre farm, adjacent to a 1860s farm house. Through design and work sessions, focused discussions, and technical sessions with metal fabricators as well as craftsmen, the assignment intended to spark new life into the old house and nearby apple orchard. The farmers also wanted a structure that was visible from the road and reverent to the surrounding fields. Although the area is predominantly farmland, the sweat lodge seeks to enhance an emerging relationship with secondary user groups such a local cycling team that trains nearby , providing an opportunity to connect their interests with an unlikely context.

    The charrette produced a contrasting interior and exterior that is carried out through both the material strategy and environmental response, but also directly parallel to the iterative, form-finding design process.  The hard stainless steel exterior protects a soft cedar interior core from the harsh environmental conditions.  By considering ergonomics and the sustained environmental forces, a pentagon knife form emerged that divides wind and sheds snow loads. Experiencing the winter weather first hand directly informed the direction and performance requirements.  While considering the experience of a "sweat" the students selected a soft warm wood such as cedar to comfort users inside the lodge. 

  • Silo City + Rigidized Metals

    Here on the Buffalo River waterfront.......

  • Summer Studio 2014 - Performance Pavilion

    Open Call: Summer Studio Performance PavilionApplications being accepted until April 30th 2014for more information please visit:

  • +FARM Summer 2014: Performance Pavilion

    +FARM is excited to announce our Summer Studio Open Call for two design, fabrication, and construction Projects:June 2014: Performance Pavilion at the FarmAugust 2014: Tactical Tectonics at Silo City, Buffalo, New Yorkfor more information visit:

  • +FARM Summer Studio 2013 OPEN CALL

    +FARM is pleased to announce: OPEN CALL: Summer Studio 2013 - The Hunter and Artists Cabin August 3 - 11, 2013 The project for this year's week long intensive design and construction workshop is to build a cabin for the Hunter and the Artist.   During the week participants are...

  • 2013 Design Build Summer workshop

    + Farm 2013 Open Call: The Hunter + Artist Cabin Live and work on a 300-acre farm south of Buffalo, New York and participate in an opportunity to transform a 100-year old farm into a sustainable artist colony.  You will be participating in a unique program that seeks to engage architecture...

  • +FARM_2012

    Upcoming Events: Artist Residency Workshop: Juried Open Call. Information to be posted November 2012 Residency Workshop - Summer 2013   +FARM Architecture Workshop 2013: Juried Open Call. Summer Workshop 2013 - Information posted November 2012

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+FARM is a design and construction summer studio program that brings together a range of professionals to work directly with the participants selected from an open call. The studio is located on a 300 acre farm, and the culture is based on experimental research in the context of fabrication and construction.

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