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Oct '11 - Oct '11

  • Protest Park

    The Occupy Wall Street (OWS)  protest has gone from media eruption to tourist destination.  When I visited Zuccotti Park on Saturday out-of-towners were photographing protesters as if they were zoo animals.  I was impressed at how focused the demonstrations are and how they utilize...

  • Barrels

    People walking down Lafayette Street are stopping and peering into the windows of the New York Center for Architecture like it's Christmastime at Barney's.  There are quantities of bricks, CMU, steel members, dimension lumber and batt insulation hanging there in mid-air.  Each bundle...

  • How Square

    First they took away the funk, then they took away the street, and now they're taking away the interim urban plaza on Broadway between 42nd and 47th Streets.  Last week the New York City unveiled Snohetta's design to make the Times Square plaza a more permanent pedestrian space.  An...

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