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    Hello, I am Patrick.
    This is my blog. Read it often if you please.

    The impetus for starting this blog was to document, you guessed it, the studio work at Parsons, but specifically the Design Workshop. As a member of the Design Workshop studio, our work started in earnest January 25th and will continue through project completion in August 2010 (fingers crossed). I thought it would be a good idea to document the process here on Archinect, and let all a y'all know what we are making here on 25 East 13th Street. After submitting a request to Archinect, waiting for a replay, and finally setting up the account, it is now almost the end of the semester! Needless to say, I have a lot of catching up to do.

    First, I should clarify what exactly the Parsons Design Workshop entails. The Workshop has two primary objectives; the first is to provide pro bono architectural and construction services to a non-profit organization. The second is to provide M.Arch students the atypical opportunity of realizing a design project in the built form. The studio is composed of two parts, the first part is designing a project for a real client during the spring semester, and the second part is building the project ourselves over the course of the summer. Though the projects and clients may vary each year, the goal of the Workshop remains the same, to create contemporary architectures that serve organizations with positive social values.

    So, without further ado, the Parsons Design Workshop for 2010 is the revitalization of a Park Pavilion on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.





    The facility is currently used as a storage location for field and service equipment and is in derelict condition, having suffered from a fire in the 1970’s, extensive water damage, and general neglect. The original Robert Moses-era structure was a terrace with an open-air pavilion distinguished by three large granite arches. The arches were then filled-in with ashlar stone in 1964 creating a conditioned space. Since the fire, the pavilion ceased to be a public facility. The proposed program is an interior renovation of the facility that will serve the needs of the surrounding sports fields, the park at large, and the greater community. Our motive is to reactivate the site, returning it to its original purpose, thus making it a vital component of the park. The new interior will include:

    -A single large meeting space
    -Equipment Storage
    -Comfort Stations
    -Small Parks Office
    -New Façade (Removal of the ashlar in-fill)
    -New HVAC

    The major constraints on the project include:

    -Time: We will have 8 weeks to design, and 8 weeks to refine design, create construction documents and material specs.

    -Cost: The project must strictly abide by a budget yet to be determined, but will be roughly between $100,000 and $200,000.

    -Materials: All materials must meet lead times of the construction schedule of the project and provide long-term use and limited environmental impact.
    Much of what I just said was in the future tense, but seeing as though it is April, and we began in January, much of the “will” is now “was.” Over the coming weeks I will post the progress of the project and show how we went from 12 proposals, to 6, to 3, and finally, to 1.


    More to come. Don't you worry.

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