Sep '08 - Feb '10

  • It has been a long time.

    Fellow students and I have been working on a student publication for the past year or so, and we have just published our second issue this past January. The title of our publication is Fresh MEAT, focusing on what is going on at the school each semester, and using the format of printed material to give a perspective on what is going on outside the walls of the UIC fortress.

    We are also finishing up our website, and that can be checked out at the following address: link

  • New Year

    So another fall semester starts with optimistic views on both this semester and the year as a whole. It is the last year of my masters and classes and events planned for the year look like it will be a great way to go out. The lecture series promises to be just as great as the previous year (will...

  • Hardest or maybe the simplest question to ask

    What gets you up in the morning/everyday?

  • UNStudio

    Ben van Berkel will be in Chicago at the School of Architecture @ UIC. Should be interesting with the new release of the design for the Burnham pavilion. Come and enjoy its Tuesday April 14th @ 6pm.

  • Lynn Talks about Calculus and Architecture

    Found this online and thought that it was a good video about Greg Lynn by Greg Lynn.

  • First 2 Wks

    So I have now been in Chicago for one month, and in school for two weeks. i am taking four classes: Studio, Theory, Theory Seminar, Design tech. The studio project is to rethink the Chicago Public Library site in the South Loop. As of now we are working in ten groups focusing on different areas of...

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