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  • Ecology Installation I (Rhett Russo's Seminar)

    So I interviewed at Metamechanics LLC in NYC and well I hired myself, I figured I've worked hard and I deserve a job...15 hour days so far, including weekends. Partner in Florida pulled in a restaurant job and I am still finishing up a high-end retails space in City Center Philly...2 built projects after a month of true existence...Metamechanics may be on a roll...doing competitions on the side of course, to keep the edge going.

    I am also participating in the FC Barcelona stadium design exhibition with Anna Pla Catalla, which will take place around September 20 in Barcelona. Very cool stuff, surfaces, stadiums, and language....more in depth to come later

    check out this publication when it gets to your school, partipated in submitting something, which will be up on their website soon I hope.
    a much needed publication

    I kind of slacked off this semester on covering Russo's seminar, which was interesting to say the least. I was looking at fungi and their energies within an ecological perspective.

    Ed Keller came in for Russo's seminar and gave a lecture about many things, but what interested me most was his idea "the will of what you might be studying" (not his words, but the concept)

    another cool lecture given in Russo's seminar was given by a lady from Lucent Technologies about the fiber-glass properties of the sponge Venus Basket and how it actually outperforms our best fiber optic creations. Joanne Aizenberg

    so here is my study of Fungi in the sense of energies. the links are to huge images based on Odum's System Ecologies graphic representation and analysis...

    my use of particle flow in 3dMax to simulate spore dispertion in the environment
    spawing only
    laminar winds without gravity
    laminar winds and gravity
    some architectural ideas

    Enery links
    macro energy system
    plant energy system
    fungi energy system
    fungi plant interaction system

    obviosly i have no idea if those are correct, i'm just an architect...

  • Art Installation I - (Generative Models - David Ruy)

    Final result of the magnet expirements in Gen-Mod seminar. the green images were made using magnets on a magnetic film that can be purchased at:forcefieldmagnets the wave like plexiglas models were made by glueing magnets to a flat sheet of plexiglas, putting the plexiglass over gas flames at...

  • experiments for David Ruy's class

    The assignment for the semester in David Ruy’s class essentially is the following: Make a recipe Composed of any kind of ingredients Ingredients are to be put in, constrained to, created by, etc… a box Cooking this ingredient should have an emphasis on procedural methods (procedural...

  • MIT/UPenn Colloqium

    who was there:Kent Larson (KL)John Fernandez (JF) first hour or soTedd Benson (TB) and Randall Walter (RW) of Bensonwood a DB firmJames Timberlake (JT) and Stephan Kieran (SK)MIT Media Lab MIT students in Kent Larson's workshop UPenn students in KieranTimberlake Studio we did the Mechu Pichu...

  • Finally Truelly Inspired

    The reason one would return to grad school after working 4-5 years is because you hate the same old praxis crap you're exposed to everyday. But you are also very aware of the overwhelming amount of BULLSHIT academia spends hours on trying to cram down students throats, so the question becomes why...

  • confusion!

    The more I research subjects I initially was very interested in the more confused I get. Back to being confoozeled (how do you spell that?)Studio Kieran Timberlake “Systems” I figured I would go to the source of this whole “complexity” and “emergence” thing and...

  • shopping design theory

    for those of you who don't know i am in Bob Hasselhof's studio as well. so now you'll get a dual perspective, wooo... anyway went to do the "registry" thing for the wedding at Fortunoff today. that's where you take a scanner and scan all the things you want people to buy you for the wedding...

  • final studio image

    final image of my final project for post-pro studio

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