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  • End of *scape

    *scape project ended yest with a 9am submission. There was a 5-minute presentation for each group where the tutors and the *scape advisory panel walked around the exhibition hall where our projects were pinned up while the mini-presentations took place. We also had to vote for our peer's projects...

  • towards 1st submission of '06

    Its been a few days since i last updated this blog and there has been major progress on what've happened. BTW, it is now 3a.m and i just completed the basic CAD drawings of the project. tomorrow will be the production of the sketch-up model,perspectives and model..all for a satuday 9am submission...

  • *scape_ day 1

    Had the briefing this'll be a 6-man team working towards a conceptual proposal for the area. We will be goihng down to site tomorrow to see any potentials. The discussion today was ok..had a studio-level brainstorming session where we threw up questions such as "what will the people at...

  • First Day of new semester, almost.

    24 hrs from now, we will be having a briefing on the first project of the year. It will be a 1-week project at Orchard Road and the name given for this site is *scape and we will be expected to come up with a conceptual design for the space. This space will be a youth park smack in the middle of...

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