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Sep '04 - Aug '08

  • A cactus, a field trip, and the beginnings of a model

    Before the semester started I invested in a Mammillaria Fragilis cactus from the flowershop in harvard square. I try to always have some kind of plant on my desk and this year I chose a cactus due to my failure to maintain a regular watering schedule with previous, more needy plants. The working...

  • Soundtrack provided by iTunes Sharing

    Since the iPod has become a mandatory accessory* iTunes has also grown in popularity. A cool side effect of this when used en masse dans le studio is that you can listen to other people's music though iTunes Music Sharing. Now, with names like "MD", "teeniebopper", and ";)" your guess is as good...

  • (Almost) Paper Perfection

    One of the things that helped cement my decision to come to the GSD was visiting the reception for admitted students in the Spring. When visiting columbia I was given a cold welcome and told to "wander around and ask one of the students if you want an opinion." The person who 'welcomed' me to the...

  • Butt Mate

    To people not familiar with the GSD, perhaps the most suspicious term thrown around here is not "phenomenologically", "a priori" or any of the other terms disscussed in the comments of this site. No, it's "Butt Mate." I first heard this term in the halls when I was visiting the school to hear a...

  • Timesheet p. 1

    In at 7:30pm after a few drinks, out at 2:30am. Pin up tomorrow.

  • The Hidden Room

    Classes are officially underway after the first meeting of studio today. The incoming class is about 60 students split among six studios. My critic is fellow RISD-grad Marco Steinberg, rumored to be Fan Of Hand Drafting. This is probably a good-- if potentially frustrating-- skill building...

  • All Hail Pacific Arc!

    One of my jobs while interning at SOM SF was cutting and folding a number of booklets going out for client presentations. During this time I became close friends with the straight edge, and it was then that I discovered the Pacific Arc. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Rolls Royce of straight...

  • We All Love Paperwork

    Word to the wise: Probably not a good idea to go to Japan for two weeks when you're supposed to be filing financial aid paperwork... But I'm glad I did.

  • Board Sale!

    We all know that architecture is not cheap, but it always surprises me at the beginning of the semester how much money I spend on supplies. This year we're only at $40 so far, all of which I spent today on a pretty clean second hand drawing board with borco attached. My friends think I'm weird...

  • Welcome to Gund Hall

    While orientation begins tomorrow morning, classes do not officially start until next week. What better way to begin than with an introduction to George Gund Hall, the building that houses the Graduate School of Design?src: great buildings online Completed in 1969, Gund was designed by John...

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