Grupa Bio3 - Laboratorium Bioarchitektury

Grupa Bio3 - Laboratorium Bioarchitektury

Gdynia, PL

North facade
North facade
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House in Warmia countryside

Design process started in 2007. The house was finished in june 2009.
It’s a comfortable house, designed to fulfill the needs of a 4 person family living In a countryside. The context of the project is a typical village layout of Warmia. Space solutions refer to the building traditions of Warmia and Mazury, while continuing them in both urban and architectural scale.

In the design process, in addition to the correct functional solutions, the emphasis is on the following topics:

  • To maximize passive solar gains
  • Minimize heat loss through thermal zoning
  • Protection against overheating
  • Natural ventilation and the ability to intense weathering of building
  • Optimization of natural light

The building has some energy-efficient features.The only source of heat for the building is a ground source heat pump with a capacity of 10kW, with a lower source in the form of four vertical wells with a depth of 55m. Energy parameters of the building are constantly monitored.

Technical parameters of the building:

Total volume:                                   728.6 m³
Building area:                                   205.9 m²
Net area:                                            222.1 m²
Heated rooms area:                      192.6 m²
Volume of rooms heated:          601.6 m³
The aspect ratio of A/V                                0.747
Average heat transfer coefficient of building envelope 0.316 W / m • K

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Status: Built
Location: outskirts of Barczewo, PL


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