Berliner and Associates Architecture

Berliner and Associates Architecture

Culver City, CA

Courtyard from 2nd Floor
Courtyard from 2nd Floor
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PCSD Alliance 1st Street Middle School and High School

BAA is designing two new charter schools for construction on a tight, urban lot. The middle school will serve 450 students and will open in June 2013, after permitting by the County of Los Angeles. The high school, which must be approved by DSA, will serve 600 students and open in September 2014.

When designing the First Street Campus, the focus was on impacting the quality of life through invigorating and revitalizing a vital core in this community. The site was home to First Street Store, a department store that once played an important role on this street but has sat vacant for several years.
The facade of the building will address a commercial, pedestrian-oriented street, with a residential area at the rear. The signature piece of the project is the multi-purpose room, which is shared by both schools. Its north facade features large folding doors allowing student and community events to spill into the courtyard.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Architect

Elevation at 1st and Townshend
Elevation at 1st and Townshend

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