Barry Brown

Barry Brown

New York, NY, US


Study Pavilion

The site for this study pavilion is located within the boulevard on University Avenue at Dalhousie University.

The boulevard is a green space that is rarely used by students, so the design intention was to draw students into the space to allow them to interact with the green landscape.

The design was centred around the existing trees, the pavilion meanders in and around them to create different relationships between building and environment. Glazing, wooden slats and open air all produce different experiences between students and the landscape. The trees can be viewed in appreciation through glazing or experienced firsthand in the numerous courtyards.

The line between interior and exterior is also blurred by a stone walkway that continues through the pavilion and out into the boulevard.

At night trees are lit and the wooden slats create a lantern effect that will draw students into the space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Halifax, NS, CA


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