Barry Brown

Barry Brown

New York, NY, US


Ecole Neuf - School Design

This was a student project for a school design that I did during my second year of studies.  

The siting of the school is within a dense urban fabric, however the design was meant to emphasize the green space within the site. The pragmatic right angles of the classroom and faculty blocks fit the urban context but are also juxtaposed with an undulating roof. In plan, this roof connects the school to its surrounding landscape with curves that coincide with those of the green space. In elevation, the roof undulations signal entry and communal spaces.

The classrooms are meant to reflect the neighbouring houses with individual front doors and box-like geometry. Due to weather and safety restrictions, there is also a rear circulation path throughout the school. This back hallway also allows light to penetrate both sides of the classrooms providing ample daylighting.

The large “hinge” space is the communal space that provides both a cafeteria and informal theatre for community performances.

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Status: School Project
Location: Halifax, NS, CA

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