Alexandra Varvoglis

Alexandra Varvoglis

Philadelphia, PA, US / Weston, CT, US


The Van Rensselaer Club

My senior thesis entailed of creating a historical restoration of the 1896 Fell- Van Rensselaer Manor in Rittenhouse Square, which is now the home of the upscale retailer "Anthropologie".

My project consisted of working with the few historic architectural plans and documents remaining,  to develop AutoCad drawings with sufficient detail to re-create the pre-existing architectural structure and design elements. Inspiration for my project stemmed from the Union League of Philadelphia, and its heavy masculine interior, to create and design a "new club" that would portray a lighter, more visually appealing feminine interior.  Through much research and planning I found that Louis XV and the "Rocco style" of the 18th century- with emphasis on period re-creation of fabrics, as well as interior furnishings and elements- would best emphasize my design approach.

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Status: School Project
Location: 1801 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA


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