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Gymnasium Regis Racine situated in Drancy north east Paris

The gymnasium Regis Racine is situated in Drancy north east Paris. the program of this building includes: an indoor sports hall 22 meters long and 44 meters large, a dance hall, a space for local associations and dressing rooms for teams and referees. It was designed for pupils of schools and colleges of the city of Drancy area, local associations and sports clubs. The sport hall was optimized for basketball regional competitions.

The project was built in a complex and very enclosed residential area, 75% of the project boundary is situated in the limit of the site, therefore no openings on the facade are permitted, the gymnasium have been designed including this following constraints:

  • Integrating a dense  program into a very limited space;
  • Limit the height in order to ease the integration and perception of the building into the residential surrounding, especially houses whose gardens overlook the building;
  • Keep the building process ongoing without intervening on the surrounding areas;
  • Insure a maximum of natural illumination despite a 75% opaque facade;
  • Create a quality inward looking spaces

The building is 90 meters long and is divided into two parts :

  • A large wooden nave, the sports hall, its curved roof  is used to limit the height of the facades in relation with the surrounding houses . This part of the building is illuminated by a large glazing poly carbonate system on roof.
  • a second one level part beside includes: the dressing rooms, services and the dance hall

Wood ,as the preferred material ,was used in three different ways in order to create a specific ambiance to each space:

  • Wooden structure of the sports hall: in continuous crossed arcs-columns made of  laminated timbers ; the  rhythm created structures the illuminated parts of the roof.
  • Wooden structure of the hall: arches and exposed battens;
  • Wooden structure of the dance hall  panels forming rectangular boxes.

Environmental optimization:

  • Use of  sustainable and natural materials
  • Increasing natural lighting
  • Dual flow ventilation system
  • High performance gas condensing boiler
  • Low temperature radiators
  • infrared lighting systems
  • System of rainwater collection for watering green spaces
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Status: Built
Location: Drancy, FR
My Role: Main architect
Additional Credits: Project Team: Sébastien Muller (co-architect), BETOM Ingénierie (engineering), TEC Bois (wood engineering), Cap Terre (environmental engineering).
Photographs: Guillaume Clement ( / Atelier Dreyssé


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