Aleksandra Sabramowicz

Aleksandra Sabramowicz

Lyndhurst, NJ, US


Products for Concrete Shop

As part of my ongoing venture with Concrete Shop, I cover a broad spectrum of product design.
I handle both the design conceptualization and the preparation of the renderings and shop drawings.
I’ve worked on designing modular cube furniture, planters, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and other
furniture. Aside from the product design, I also worked on branding materials and marketing
collateral for the company One of the more demanding yet exciting projects
I worked on in conjunction with Concrete Shop was the design of a series of concrete sinks for
a client seeking unique designs for his apartment in Tribeca, NYC. Each of the sinks had a different
purpose (powder room, master bathroom and guest bathroom sinks) and so each design incorporated a distinct yet inclusive form and style. The molds for the master bath and guestroom sinks were hand carved exclusively for this project.

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Status: Built
My Role: produc design, branding, renderigns


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