Aleksandra Sabramowicz

Aleksandra Sabramowicz

Lyndhurst, NJ, US


"Pebble" - public restrooms competition, Awarded

The city of Hel, a Polish seaside resort, announced a
competition for a public restrooms building. The site
located on a beach near the town’s historical district
had some preservation restrictions for the project.
The concept was inspired and driven by the beauty
of its surrounding seascape. Respecting the
natural environment as well as the local building
traditions imposed the design solutions.
The form and aesthetics of the building are inspired
by the beach jewels: amber, pebbles and shells.
Bright colors, used in both the outside shell and the
interior finishes, celebrate the summer season all
year long in the facility.
The functional and spatial layout is meant to be
simple and user friendly. Divided into two main
bathrooms (gents and ladies) and two auxiliary parts
(mom and baby room and showers), the building is
easily navigable by the visitors. The three passages
crossing the building connect it both with the street
and the beach, making it accessible from both sides.
The purpose of the project was to create a vessel
for its main function, while making it an intriguing
sculpture like object, that harmoniusly blends in the
environment and serves its purpose all year long.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Hel, PL
Additional Credits: A. Szeja


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