Aleksandra Sabramowicz

Aleksandra Sabramowicz

Lyndhurst, NJ, US


Insurance House Bytom

Located in the center of the heavy industrialized region of Silesia, Bytom, is a textbook example of a city suffering from the calamities of the postindustrial era. As a result of various economical and social transformations, the city is slowly decaying and needs critical revitalization. Insurance House is an example of a filling in an empty urban lot and bridging it with its historic context. It is an attempt to address formal and aesthetic challenges of a once splendid neighborhood, while bringing a new character to the neglected quarter of the city.
The lot is split in two areas, designating one part for development and the other one for public space. The program of the building assumes the seat of an insurance company, with additional retail space and apartments. The public space is designed as a canopied square,
closing the spatial composition of the block, while simultaneously opening the space for the local
people to enjoy.
The ultimate goal of the project would be to initiate renovation of the abandoned city block and the
surrounding quarters, to encourage local investment and urban development in the area and to bring this urban space back to life by reintroducing it to its dwellers.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bytom, PL


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