Aleksandra Sabramowicz

Aleksandra Sabramowicz

Lyndhurst, NJ, US


Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw

The specific location of the Contemporary Museum in Wroclaw dictated its unique design. The lot is
situated right next to a medieval church complex. Instead of covering the view of the XIII century
church, our project uses its facade as a part of the design.
The building of the museum has a symmetric layout that allows us to create a central open space with a view of the church’s north facade. A bright, spacious atrium becomes the main asset of the project and serves not only as a main entry hall but also gives the building a great multipurpose performance space.
All program is carefully disposed in two symmetrical wings, that are connected with balcony-like
circulation running around the central glass atrium, the main hall. The great hall becomes a meeting
space that lets visitors survey the spatial layout of  the building.
The main exposition rooms were wrapped with LiTraCon, „translucent” concrete walls that contain
fiber optics and let daylight in. By night, the building facade becomes an animated „screen”, showing the shadows of the visitors through a translucent wall.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Wroclaw, PL
My Role: Concept develompent, drawings, renderigns, team coordinating, translations, submission.
Additional Credits: Frederic Schwartz Architects


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