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To achieve this, Alexander Suen, the brains behind Arctitudesign, completely reworked the home’s layout, party on the basis of feng shui and environmentally friendly consideration.

A 60 square meter apartment nestled next to Mount Baker featuring Alexander’s distinctive style - simple, linear forms that lend themselves to a visually interesting, geometric aesthetic.

Although the apartment in linear shape with more than 20 years history without correct maintenance, there have a significant advantage - 80% frequency active areas with directly natural light and non-artificial green colour from the Mount Baker.

This beautiful residence design theme, function is the core idea. Have a functional flexible space is very important for an apartment; therefore the homeowners will be able to entertain in casual informal way.

Alexander also re-energised an awkward nook in the living & dining area. He use a very delicate visual trick to enlarge a space by extend the experience time with oak timber veneer finished 5 Meter long window seat. It is a core element cannot live without in space; it carried on multi-purpose role which brought up the entire design.

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Status: Built
Location: Quarry Bay, HK


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