April Lipatan

April Lipatan

Minot, ND, US


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My name is April Lipatan and I am a recent landscape architecture graduate from North Dakota State University and my goal is to obtain an entry-level position.  I have a double bachelor's in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design.  I am a passionate, trustworthy, and hardworking individual.  My aim is to work for a firm who prides themselves with being environmentally conscious and responsible.  I work well independently, yet I am a great team player.   I am eager to get my feet wet in the field and begin working.  Being a recent graduate, you will not find this type of passion anywhere else.



Prairie Petals, Fargo, ND, US, Landscape Designer

Gained basic understanding of landscaping elements such as materials and composition of intermediate residential landscapes. Dedication and passion were displayed by working many 60+ hour weeks. Gained trustworthiness and was able to begin working independently on tasks. This job included listening, conveying, and communicating genuine interests of client's landscape design needs. I learned to allocate time and resources productively and create short and long term plans for the lifetimes and qualities of client's landscapes.

May 2012 - Sep 2012

Prairie Petals, Fargo, ND, US, Rooftop Garden Manager

Gained understanding about engineered soils types and structural load restrictions, the major components of a rooftop garden. Knowledge on plant details such as, root depths, water and nutrient requirements, and alternative ways to grow in a horizontally limited space. Gained valuable insight on how to utilize every last drop of water by implementing water catchment planting systems.

May 2012 - Sep 2012

Mexican Village, Fargo, ND, US, Server

Provided diligent and accurate service while learning to make immediate and quick decisions. Demonstrated trustworthiness while managing customer's cash and credit card transactions. Displayed flexibility and adaptability in picking up shifts as needed.

Jan 2007 - Aug 2012

Lowes Floral and Garden Center, Minot, ND, US, Landscaper and greenhouse worker

Obtained experience with plant conditions and qualities for specific designs. Developed understanding of plant's needs through planting seedlings and executing transplants throughout the plant's lifespan. Working closely with the nursery department, I was introduced to the nature of trees and their planting habits. I contributed to the top condition plants were in by understanding and paying close attention to plants needs and conditions. I was able to execute planting designs and fulfill client needs independently. Displayed knowledge of a broad range of plant types to customers as needed. Established trustworthiness within the company to successfully execute landscaping tasks independently. Demonstrated dedication and passion by working longer hours than most employees.

Jan 2000 - Aug 2003


North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, US, Bachelors, Landscape Architecture

During my college career I had the opportunity to travel to six different countries and cultures exposing me to worldly and diversel landscapes, cities, and designs. This exposure has allowed for my designs to expand into the global realm and to maintain a holistic approach. Our program pushed the boundaries of what it means to design inside of landscape architecture giving students a progressive and creative edge. Our curriculum also provided strong urban design studies utilizing research strategies, regional analysis techniques, and application of theory. This creative edge combined with strong analytic skills prepares NDSU landscape architecture students to be the best today at what they do in their field.

ENVD 101: Introduction to Environmental Design
ENVD 130: Drawing for Environmental Design
ENVD 172: Environmental Design Fundamentals
LA 271: Introduction to Landscape Architecture Studio
LA 232: Design Technology. Laser Cutter Model
LA 272: Parks and Open Space Studio
LA 371: Environmental Art and Site Design Studio
LA 372: Community Design Studio
LA 471: Urban Design Studio
LA 472: Environmental Remediation and Planting Design Studio
LA 441: Site Development and Detailing III. Construction Detailing
LA 552: Advanced Landscape Planning Theory and Application
LA 571: Environmental Planning Studio. Red River Basin
LA 572: Landscape Architecture Thesis

Aug 2008 - May 2013


Winner of German-American Workshop, Award

Awarded by Dortmund University of Technology
On a team of four, we proposed solutions and design strategies to one of the largest conversion projects in the world. Contributed ingenuity by bringing awareness to an above ground sewer system and assisted in converting it into a natural river system.


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