Andrea Maria Jandricek

Andrea Maria Jandricek

Washington DC, US


Multifunctional Sports Complex / Urban Family Room

A New Framework for Public Space


An old and now defunct industrial district in Bjelovar which used to be a regional mill and silo complex provides the city of Bjelovar with a new oportunity. The site is approximately 4 hecatares and is located in walking distance from the town center.  The goal of this project is to turn an urban space which once had a closed and introverted character towards the city to a generator of public activity. 

Since there will be a wide variety of activities taking place in the multifunctional facility, thought was given how to best provide a spacial framework that would be flexible enough to accomodate a range of activities from sporting events, concerts, city wide festivals and fairs and special events.

Although the city of Bjelovar has a center with an urban park, iit lacks a larger open space or public square.  SInce the industrial complex covers a larger area, it is recommended that most of the old buildings be demolished to open up a public square.  


The multipurpose facility situated on the site has a complementary relationship with the new public square. The basketball courts (which doubles as an auditorium) on the first level open directly to the square providing new opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities. The facility is designed to provide maximum flexibilty. Two parks (an arboretum and city park) along the border of the site provide new green spaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bjelovar, HR
My Role: Student
Additional Credits: Mentor: Vljeko Oluic, Martina Bertina


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