Andrea Maria Jandricek

Andrea Maria Jandricek

Washington DC, US


High Speed Rail Terminal

The interesction of Heinzelova and Branimirova is currently an underdeveloped urban area but has the potential to become a central business district.  A major elevated railway line that runs along side Branimirova is a dominant element in the area and spatially divides the two sides of the track.  In order to create cohesiveness, some intervention would need to be made.   The recommendation would be to create a public space on the level of the elevated railway that could serve a dual purpose of a railway terminal and retail space. Examples of infrastructure projects that serve a dual purpose are displayed on the right from Made in Tokyo: Guide Book, authors: Junzo Kuroda, Momoyo Kaijima.

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Status: School Project
Location: Zagreb, HR
My Role: Student
Additional Credits: Mentor: Srecko Pegan


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