Harijs Alsiņš

Harijs Alsiņš

Barcelona, ES


Towards a New Experience

A research project that investigates the relationship between light and experiantiality within a typical modernist building - the Appleton Tower of University of Edinburgh.

‘Appleton Tower has been designed with a clear expression of the fundamental accommodation units and circulation areas. Yet with the specific purpose of examining the building with the aim of collecting a set of interior light conditions, a series of field visits exposed a number of atypical spaces. Although designed with functionality in mind, these spaces can be considered atmospheric. But is it actually possible for an atmospheric experience to be generated in a rational environment? By subjectively distilling the building into a set of key experiential fragments, it may be possible to test its apparent logic.’

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Status: School Project
Location: Edinburgh, GB
My Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: Project developed in collaboration with Rebecca Eng, Andrew Morris, and Jenny Walsh within the framework of University of Edinburgh Master of Architecture studies, led by Suzanne Ewing, in fall 2009.


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