Alexis Zohlen

Alexis Zohlen

Malmö, SE


Organia Park

The city of Gällivare is the seat of Gällivare municipality in Norrbotten County. It is charachterized by its long period of winter and the midnight sun during summertime. The town is also well known because of its mining which has led to the city being separated into two parts. Gällivare’s vision is to become ”a world-class arctic small-town” and the goal is to strengthen the urban character and attractiveness for both residents and visitors.
The Summer Design Office´s mission is to create an inviting and attractive outdoor environment adjacent to the municipal buildning in Gällivare. Today, the park gives the impression of emptiness and lack of character. The task is to intensify Gällivare as a brand and bring ideas and make improvements so the park can be used all year round.
The Summer Design Office used different kind of methods such as 4I4I and SWOT analyses. A moodboard was created and used as a starting point in order to shape attractive park environments. The initial concepts were later on refined and resulted in a final concept consisting of organic shapes and Sami colors which represent the local culture. The parks design and the outdoor furnitures give Gällivare a more lively and representative feeling and works as a contrast to the town’s mining culture. The park’s name is Organia and its natural undulating forms give you a feeling of calmness and arouse the interest of tourists and locals alike.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Gällivare
My Role: Landscape Architect
Additional Credits: The Summer Design Office 2012
By Alexis Zohlen & Tina Koohnavard

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