Alessandro Reginato

Alessandro Reginato

Bassano del Grappa, IT



Alessandro, graduated in Architecture for the City at IUAV in Venice, Enabled Architect by January 2014.
I have a lot of personal interest in design and graphics, and I cultivate the hobby of photography.
I am very outgoing and friendly, I developed this attitude working for many years as a Lifeguard at public swimming pools in my area, a job that empowered me a lot.
While at university, I took advantage of study trips to visit various cities including Berlin, Lausanne, Geneva, Basel, Barcelona, Chicago, and New York.
I speak and understand English without any problems, thanks also to my interest in the language from a young age. I have had personal and professional experiences abroad without any communication problem.
I am very motivated to grow professionally and always try to improve myself as self-taught in the use of programs related to the creative profession.

Given the nature of my interests, I propose myself as a polyhedral shape. During the various work experience in technical and architecture offices, I have always given my contribution on both the technical and the creative side.
I am looking for a challenging work environment where I can give a contribution and have new experiences that will increase my cultural/professional background.



FIMA Steel Architecture, Bassano del Grappa, IT, Architect

In the last two years i worked at FIMA as an architect in the technical office. I had to draw technical cads for the steel structures, collaborating with the office's engineers and production team. I also followed project about prefab steel housing for african countries and developed projects about modular hotel for Libya. Thanks to my spoken english i also kept the contacts with foreign clients, mainly from UK and Eastern Europe. I learned a lot about material and construction techniques. FIMA is one of the most important builders in Italy and has realized important projects all over the country. Sadly the company failed and right now i am taking what i learned to go on and become a better architect.

Sep 2012 - Feb 2014

Claude Petarlin Architecture Studio, Bassano del Grappa, IT, Internship

During this internship i got involved in various projects for private clients, mainly houses and public buildings. I helped creating renderings and 3Ds that has been shown to the clients illustrating what the projects were going to look like. I also helped writing economical offers to be sent to the construction companies that worked with us.

Jun 2012 - Sep 2012

Ledi Wolfsgruber Architecture Studio, Bassano del Grappa, IT, Internship

My first internship. I helped and learned a lot about the profession. Architectural drawings, Renderings of buildings that had to be restored, visits on the building sites and more.

Jun 2009 - Sep 2009


Università IUAV di Venezia, Venezia, MArch, Architecture for the City

Sep 2006 - Mar 2013

Areas of Specialization 


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