Robert Allison

Robert Allison

New York, NY, US

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Competition Board 1
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Lamson Art Colony

The Lamson Art Colony was a studio project that called for the design
of a community of artist living spaces atop a quarry in Vermont. The program
called for 10 living spaces and 5 communal work spaces for a variety of
creative arts. There was also the need for 2 living spaces for curators, an
educational pavilion/memorial, and a cafe.

The site was a very large quarry space, mostly filled with water that had
a spine of rock running through the center that has excellent views looking
out in both directions.

The concept was to raise the entire community up above the uneven
ground of this spine and create a singular pathway that connected all of the
elements of the community and provided a series of views for the people
there. The large program functions were placed on the ends of the paths,
with all the the residences and studios looking out from the path, each with a
unique, unobstructed view of the beautiful Vermont landscape.

The design is meant to be one that provides a model for the community to
continue to grow upon itself and create a unique place to live and be creative.


Programs Used: AutoCAD 2012 (Design / Linework), Revit 2012 (3D Modeling), 3DS Max Design 2012 (3D Modeling/Rendering), Photoshop CS5 (Post Rendering), InDesign CS5 (Layouts)

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Status: School Project
Location: Burlington, VT, US
My Role: 1 of 2 Designers

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