Rodrigo Carmona

Rodrigo Carmona

Los Angeles, CA, US


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Rodrigo Carmona is an Architecture/Landscape/Interiors graduate from Otis College of Art and Design. He is focused on three environmental realms of design including Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interiors. Rodrigo's style reflects a top-tier education and an outstanding work experience stemming from collaborative projects within the best hospitality firms in Southern California, such as, Viceroy Hotel Group, The Kor Group, and SLS Hotels. Rodrigo began his career in hospitality learning front and back of house operations of hotels, spas, and resorts. Rodrigo quickly adapted and grew his career into the discipline of design. Rodrigo has collaborated with designers such as Philippe Starck, and participated in the project management of Kelly Wearstler interiors at Viceroy Hotel Group. Rodrigo has worked on projects which pioneered the redevelopment of Downtown Los Angeles.

Rodrigo is hip and culture-driven in his approach to design. He excels at providing brand-oriented solutions to ensure the viability of a project. He boasts an ability to use the appropriate materials and methods of building, through the use of architecture, landscape, and interior construction. He is well versed in digital and communication media, as well as, has an outstanding eye for graphic detail, and a strong conceptual and narrative background.

Rodrigo upholds a strong work ethic and a sense of urgency. Rodrigo is passionate and driven, he quickly discerns the nuances of urban, modern, posh, and intelligent design. Rodrigo focuses on the creation, communication, fabrication, and execution of environments with identity, filtering them through business objectives and realizing the guest experience.

Rodrigo enjoys traveling to experience both urban and non-urban environments.  He enjoys tasting exotic food, and is an audio and visual art junkie.

Rodrigo is currently looking for opportunities to work  in all sectors of design.  Rodrigo wishes to be challenged and expand his expertise; within the commercial, civic, museum, and transportation/aviation fields, as well as in hospitality and restaurants. Ultimately Rodrigo would like to join a firm which specializes in cutting-edge architecture and interior architecture.  

Interior Design & Architecture
Landscape Architecture
Sustainable Design
Audio (music), Entertainment, & Visual Concept Programming
Uniform Design

CNC Routing
3D Modeling


ROFKA Design Studio, Designer

• Design direction and management
• Develop cost-effective design solutions
• Maintain and preserve integrity of interior design and hotel standards
• Interface with architects (internal and external) and interior design consultants
• Provide design/construction support to Project Manager and Design team
• Address site conditions as it relates to the interior design of the space
• Provide technical and design support
• Respond to RFIs, submittals, and shop drawings
• Review and maintain all shop drawings and quality standards
• Coordinate and direct FF&E vendor site visit and installation of goods, develop sign standards and music programming
• Write specifications, matrix and spec book for each project
• Adjust CAD/Revit drawings
• Sourcing and development of all products. Includes spec writing and development, Reviewing detailed shop drawings and making factory visits to ensure that design intent and quality standards are met
• Oversee and participate in model room installation, guest room furniture and electrical layouts.
• Oversee accurate purchasing of FF&E. Includes reviewing and approving all purchase orders for accuracy and thoroughness and ensuring that manufacturers adhere to the determined schedule and specifications
• Review, revise, and approve every item and sample in FF&E package prior to production
• Review manufacturer bids and provide recommendations in order to maintain quality
while maintaining the budget
• Address schedule concerns and design/coordination issues
• Oversee installation and relay punch list to Owner/Developer
• Provide design/construction support to Project Manager and Design team
• Interface with Design Team/Designers for design intent and direction of public spaces

Jun 2009 - current

Philippe Starck for SBE, Los Angeles, CA, US, Design Assistant & Coordinator

Jun 2007 - Sep 2009

Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, Los Angeles, CA, US, Design & Construction Coordinator

Jan 2005 - Jun 2007


Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA, US, Architecture/Landscape/Interiors

Architecture (buildings), landscape (spaces between buildings), and interiors (spaces within buildings) organize and shape the contexts for all our activities and relations. Students in this multidisciplinary program study all three of these spatial design fields within a single, sequential curriculum, focused on design empowered by technologies and theory. At the core of the curriculum are six comprehensive studio courses, five of which address potentially real-world projects sited in Los Angeles and other cities. Support courses present the materials and methods of building, landscape, and interior construction; physical and digital communication skills and media; and the history and theories of spatial design.

While attending Otis College in the Architecture/Landscape/Interiors program, Rodrigo Carmona participated in several extra-curricular projects including the 2013 and 2014 Angelo Donghia Foundation Master Design courses and competitions. Eligibility for these design courses required a 3.0 GPA and Design Excellence status.

One of the projects developed was "ReLAX", the week-long design charrette, was based in Rodrigo's belief in collaboration and the human experience. Students designed “watering holes” for LAX traveler layovers, connecting them to downtown, to the beach and wetlands, and to local residents. A $50,000 grant was allocated from the Angelo Donghia Foundation. Rodrigo's role(s) in the Donghia Master Design Challenge was Concept Creator, Project Manager, Lead Researcher and co-presenter- *Among juror comments: "It is refreshing to see a project that brings pleasure back to design, especially to the stressful experience of air travel. The concept of connecting both to existing transportation and communities, such as downtown and Culver City, is great."

Rodrigo's work is featured at Otis. His work has was selected for ongoing exhibition, as it demonstrates the program's capacity and showcases his talent.

Aug 2010 - May 2014


Otis College Scholar, 1st Place


Gerald Tucker Scholar, 1st Place


Fred J. Aves Scholar, 1st Place


Areas of Specialization 


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