Patrick Lubin

Patrick Lubin

Moorestown, NJ, US


What I Do: Landscape Architect: Poster

This poster was inspired by a similar example, one that was created to explain society’s perception of the teaching profession. The “Teacher,” like many other professions, is often stereotyped in society by those viewing it from the outside. The “Landscape Architect” is also misunderstood by those unfamiliar with the profession. In my design, I featured six different viewpoints of the Landscape Architect. These viewpoints range from the misunderstood view as a “Landscaper” to the grandiose view as a “Starchitect.” The last slide sums up the reality of the LA profession, a person with an idea who implements their creativity through the medium of graphic design.

The piece received widespread attention in the U.S. when it was posted on the webpage for the American Society of Landscape Architecture on Facebook. Within a week it gained international acclaim and was also featured on the homepage of Land8Lounge, a website that it known as “The Premier Social Network for Landscape Architects.”

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Status: Built
Location: Internet
My Role: Creator


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