María Rodríguez Cadenas

María Rodríguez Cadenas

Stuttgart, DE


Competitions II

"The walk to the River" is the proposal for a contest of Spain called AquiaBecas.

The proposal is settle in one of the riversides in the Madrid Río Park, in Madrid (Spain).


The area of the intervention choosen is in a transition area between one of the walks of the park and the river side.

With the Intervention we want to create a new atractors points which generate activity in the Area and atract people to the river side by means of a experience of light and nature: We want to make a new walk to the river which invite people to keep walking in that direction to see what happens in the other river bank,...


We undertand "the walk" as an "experience" and "transition". The walk betweek an flexible arquitecture which is similar to the nature around itself and which create a new vegetal roof over the new constructions: Its like a new tree that invites to activity and relax under its forms.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Madrid, ES
My Role: Architect


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