CM Pravda

CM Pravda

New City, NY, US


Mark Your Spot (The Original Round Towel)

A Multi-Functional Fabric Panel that folds into a back pack, good for Duck-Duck-Goose; Ring-a-round the Rosie & people that crash on your couch.

The SPOT is the Official Product of a live social satire game that is held each SUNDAY at BRUNCH.  

Mark Your Spot : Also known as "aMating Game" (NOT a dating game), it is a platform for personal-PR and a fun way to meet other like-minded people that share a similar passion, profession or lifestyle while providing options for your friends to earn FREE food in exchange for a good contact.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Product Development & Producer
Additional Credits: Rosie Sepulvida - Yoga Model
Skye Brinkly - Fabric Sourcing
Barry Wood - Acrobatic Model
Susan Surian - Event Coordinator
Chad Beranbom - Packaging Consultant
Erica Alonso - Creative Advisor
Jeff Rinker - Web Design

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