JR Phillips, PLA, MLA, ASLA

JR Phillips, PLA, MLA, ASLA

Dallas, TX, US

Beach Promenade-1
Beach Promenade-1
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Beach Revitalization, Environmental Master Plan and Streetscape

This tropical south Florida destination has been the site for many college ‘spring break’ celebrations over the years, until 1985.  That year the city realized that the annual college celebration on their beaches was affecting the economic future of the city if it continued on its downward spiral.  The city wanted a change.

Phillips developed an environmental master plan that allowed for the redevelopment of the Barrier Island and specific design solutions for the 2 miles of beachfront uses.

Environmental issues included re-vegetation, wildlife protection and protection of existing palm trees. 

Our proposed street and pedestrian lighting had to be shielded on the ocean side to avoid adversely attracting Sea Turtles to lay eggs on this beach.  Additionally, if any baby Sea Turtles hatched the lights from the streets would not confuse their direction to the ocean.
Sea Oats grasses were reintroduced to the beach in selected areas to help reduce the erosion of the sand by wind and wave action.

On both sides of Hwy. A-1-A
along the beach, we designed wide promenades covered with shade from coconut palms.  A seat wall was designed to allow sunbathers a choice of lying in the sand or lying on the ‘wave wall’. However, everything had to be ‘frangible’ during a hurricane.  In other words, the wall had to breakup into small pieces.  Example: heavy, large objects in a high tide hurricane could float into a building where people were staying and collapse the building. Mr. Phillips completed this project in 1988 while at EDSA.

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Status: Built
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
My Role: Lead Designer/Landscape Architect
Additional Credits: EDSA
City of Fort Lauderdale

Beach Restoration-1
Beach Restoration-1
Beach Promenade/Wave Wall-1
Beach Promenade/Wave Wall-1

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