Christine Gurtler

Christine Gurtler

New York, NY, US


Hotel Lobby & Restaurant Redesign

The hotel design was inspired by the analysis of a bamboo barn on Mason Lane Farms in North Carolina. Dozens of iterations of 2D and 3D studies of the barn’s design qualities were completed, but the study that ultimately translated into the design of the hotel was the study of the positive and negative space of the façade.

POSITIVE SPACE: The positive space resembles a loose weave of vertical and horizontal forms, where some parts are strictly comprised of horizontal elements, parts are solely vertical, and occasionally the two overlap to form the look of a weave.

NEGATIVE SPACE: The negative space represents glimpses into another space. Most appealing about this analysis is the varying degrees of visual openness into and out of the space.

SUBWAY TRANSLATION: While analyzing these qualities, I found them all well-represented in the New York subway system, which also reflects the city the hotel will serve. The columns, beams, and tracks of the subway embody the vertical, horizontal, and woven elements of the barn’s positive space. The subway is also a place of varying visual connections, like the barn’s negative space. These visual connections range from longer more open moments, such as looking across the tracks to another platform, to briefer more separated moments, such as when two subway cars pass.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Sole Designer for Parsons Studio Project


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