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The New York Public Library, Francis Martin Library

At the Francis Martin Library, a 1956 Bronx branch of the New York Public Library, we transformed the dark, cheerless, and outdated spaces of the second floor children’s reading room into an environment that stimulates the imagination and encourages learning through form, color, and layout. The fluidity of the new plan improves circulation and movement throughout the second floor, allowing visitors to comprehend and make use of all the multifaceted components and offerings of the library. The new configuration also increases access to the panoramic views provided by the windows of the gently curving façade. Clusters of reading tables take advantage of these outside views and the natural lighting. The brighter atmosphere, imaginative design, and playful environment have enlivened the spirit of the library, improved visibility, and increased circulation.

AIA New York Chapter Design Award – Interiors Merit, 2009.

AIA / American Library Association Library Building Award, 2009.

Interior Design Best of Year Merit Award, 2008.

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Status: Built
Location: Bronx, NY, US


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