Pablo Osorio

Pablo Osorio

Los Angeles, CA, US



The project pays tribute to the cinema’s great history. The new glass towers and interactive entry globe structure are not intrusive to its architecture. They showcase the city and the existing cinema as they change together over time. DuPont building innovations sponsors this competition. It aims to the revitalization of the Pushkinsky International Cinema. The building is an architectural gem in Moscow, and after years of neglect, it is now moving forward into a brighter future. The new clear structures around the existing cinema push the limits of what a movie theater can become in a modern urban setting. Its innovative design taps into new technologies, daring aesthetics, and attractive public spaces. The project leaves the cinema exposed and renovated; at the same time, it displays a new exterior without hiding its past. Its exterior consists of two recessed clear glass towers, an interactive entry globe structure and a public park. The new façade elements derive from its original design. They reflect the cinema’s renovated splendor. They reflect the city of Moscow around them.

Pushkinskaya ploshchad’,
127006, Moscow, Russia
Design Completion: 2011
Type: Cinema-Theater

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Pushkinskaya ploshchad’, 127006, Moscow, Russia
My Role: Architect


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