Pablo Osorio

Pablo Osorio

Los Angeles, CA, US




Nube is an architectural and engineering project to shield stadiums at the 2022 FIFA World Cup from direct sun exposure. It explores continuity, and motion using carbon fiber pre-preg tapes and composites components applied to large scale projects. The unit design consists of a continuous carbon fiber string tow that connects free standing rigid members at three points in space forming hyperbolic string patterns (tensional integrity). The weight of the rigid members stretches the fibers down. Inflatable helium components pull its rigid members up or down. They are controlled by a systematized internal pressure system. The units are suspended over the stadium like zeppelins in the air supported and moved by a preprogramed three-dimensional carbon fiber grid system. The units gently move and change position in the firmament. It is a memorable spectacle of moving shadows and illusive three-dimensionality. People’s visual senses are tested as all units float over the stadium. Ultimately, a multitude of units come together in the air to form Nube. The project is an artificial crystal-like cloud hovering above a desert skyline.

Khalifa Int. Stadium,
Doha, Qatar
Design Completion: 2012
Type: Research

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Status: School Project
Location: Khalifa Int. Stadium, Doha, Qatar
My Role: Lead Designer, Researcher
Additional Credits: Marcelo Spina, Amir Habibabadi, Fracisco Moure.
-Special Thanks to:
Maria Kuzminskaya,Camila Arboleda, Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto


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