Pablo Osorio

Pablo Osorio

Los Angeles, CA, US



It is a science building and a winning proposal for Mission College in Sylmar, California. The building is located half a mile away east from its main campus. In the design process a vast amount of information is gathered producing a detailed site analysis. The final proposal takes three conceptual bars filled with program. They intersect with each other at two points. The bars fall on the site following its topographical contours. The building’s footprint unfolds a centralized court yards, and its position on the site allows for direct visual connections to its surrounding geography. As a consequence, its public plaza aligns with the main entrance opening up to the mountains offering a viewing platform with public sitting areas. The project has a variety of sustainable materials and technologies amounting to an efficient design. This project was awarded to the design team in the winter of 2008. Osorio is a key designer on this project while working at Quatro Design Group.

12900 Harding Street,
Sylmar, CA
Design Completion: 2009
Type: Education

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Status: Built
Location: 12900 Harding Street, Sylmar, CA
My Role: Senior Designer
Additional Credits: Javier Molina, Kevin Tyrrell, David Stokes, Athenel Ocampo, Daniela Alolli, Fan Guo


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