Pablo Osorio

Pablo Osorio

Los Angeles, CA, US



This project is a controlled dynamic environment. It showcases plants in an urban setting. It is transparent, and it presents nature in a new way. The proposed structures become almost a continuation of the surrounding organic elements. They are mediators between nature and manmade systems. They elevate plants and present them from a new perspective. As people approach the vertical garden from the Los Angeles Historic State Park, they see it almost floating in the air. The plants gradually reveal more of themselves. They expose their roots the same way they expose their leaves. Aeroponic systems spray a water solution directly to feed them. The system absorbs moisture from the environment using moisture collecting towers, and it mixes it with nutrients. It is a spectacle for people to watch. The ground is designed to guide them through the park. It takes them underneath the transparent structures that hold the plants above them. They are clear, playful, and dynamic. It is a new urban park where nature, manmade structures, and environmental systems come together.

1874 Baker St,
Los Angeles, CA
Design Completion: 2010
Type: Urban Park

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Status: School Project
Location: 1874 Baker St, Los Angeles, CA
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Marcelyn Gow, Fracisco Moure


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