Pablo Osorio

Pablo Osorio

Los Angeles, CA, US



It is a mixed-use project consisting of two main towers, a hotel, and retail spaces. The proportion and location of its towers and hotel are careful analyzed to relate to its urban settings. The tallest tower connects proportionally to the LA Financial District’s skyscrapers. The smaller tower faces the low height buildings located to the north side of downtown. The hotel is a long glass structure placed along Grand Ave strategically opposite to the LA Disney Concert Hall. The hotel is elevated from street level allowing for views to the courtyards below. The towers and elevated hotel building are placed on the site to create an open courtyard. The courtyard and retail areas start on Olive Street at the site’s lowest elevation taking pedestrians gradually upward towards the towers and hotel. As a consequence, its courtyard and retail areas have multiple connecting levels along 1ST street. The residential towers provide green areas at every level in the form of public balconies. It offers a well-balanced environment for residents. The building is transparent with stainless steel plate finishes.

110 S Grand Ave,
Los Angeles, CA
Design Completion: 2007
Type:Mixed-use Skyscraper

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: 110 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA
My Role: Lead Designer
Additional Credits: Alexander Ward


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